Monday, July 10, 2017

Here we go again...

We have moved again! Lots of big changes for our family as we are adjusting to life back in America. Quite a bit has changed since we have last been here. But thankfully all the important things like drip coffee and donuts are still around in America standing the test of time. There are just some things about America that you will always appreciate.  Especially our freedom. So this 4th of July was especially sweet for our family as we got to celebrate it in our own country. We enjoyed a local parade and fireworks just some great small town American fun!! 

We made some big changes in our home as well. We decided to downsize the last several years we have been living in decent sized houses. Well not any more we gave away, donated and purged a ton of our belongings and are braving it out in a 2 bedroom apartment. With the boys away at University we felt it was a good time to start pairing back some. Now our stuff from England has not arrived yet but I have a sinking suspicion we will need to do some more down sizing when it gets here. 
I will say there is something liberating about clearing out all the clutter. And there are some perks to city and apartment living especially as my husband and I get older. 

We are living in New Jersey now, with great access to the city and to our Hillsong Church. Quite funny actually I would have never thought in a million years I would move to Jersey. But hey we are here now and we are actually really loving it. What a beautiful state it is,  tons of green spaces and loads to do. Then of course your just a hop skip and a jump away from the Big Apple!

Can I tell you though moving is not for the faint of heart. Starting all over again, saying goodbye to friends you love and places of comfort. But there is also something energizing about new opportunities.  I found this verse in Acts 2 The Message so encouraging.

I saw God before me for all time.
Nothing can shake me; he's right by my side.
I'm glad from the inside out, estatic;
I've pitched my tent in the land of hope.
I know you'll never dump me in hades;
never even smell the stench of death.
You've got my feet on the life- path 
with your face shining sun-joy all around. 

If I have learned anything in my 42 years of existence its that you can't possibly ever know whats around every corner in this life. Which makes me so thankful that my heart is set on a God who goes before me. Who places hope within me no matter where I arrive. Filled with the Spirit my feet are set on the life path!! So here we are in a new place again, but also here we go! Can't wait to see where God carries us this time... 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bucket List...

How amazing is it when you get to cross off something you have on your bucket list. My husband and I recently went on a church retreat where we got to attend a Bird of Prey demonstration. You probably won't ever see me with a larger smile on my face. We had so much fun meeting the birds and getting to handle them. It was just the best experience. They handler was amazing she let us take our time with each bird it was not rushed at all and she answered like a 1000 questions that we had. I love how I have my hand in my coat pocket as I am holding the birds and I'm just like hey yeah I have a bald eagle here no big deal haha!! Although inside I was squealing like a little girl!! 

Needless to say all this birding has definitely inspired my time while in my bible journal, and has me feeling creative.  It's safe to say nature definitely fuels my passions. God frequently leaves me in awe over all the beautiful things He has created! 

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.
Psalm 19:1

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

I am really not sure what exactly happened to 2016 it went by faster than any year I can remember. It has been really an amazing year for our family as we navigate life in a new country. England has treated us well. We have really been enjoying our time here. 

Some quick family updates. Noah has finished up with community college in San Diego and is ready to transfer into University. He has applied to a few of them so we are waiting to here back as to where he will go on to next. He is getting a degree in Archaeology. Liam just completed his first semester of University he is going to school to be a lawyer. Both boys have great grades and are doing really well as a parent you couldn't ask for more. It really has been so wonderful to see the outcome of all the homeschooling we did. In the process of homeschooling especially teenagers I just remember all the time asking myself while schooling the boys have I done enough. Have I covered everything that they need. I am sure most parents homeschooling or not ask these same questions as their children grow. But it truly is an amazing thing to see them out work their upbringing and their faith out in the real world as they navigate life as young adults.

Anna is in her sophmore year of highschool, in America we say 10th grade. She has really impressed me this year with being more diligent with her schoolwork. Her artistic skills continue to flourish and astound me. We are still homeschooling and loving it. She misses all her farm animals that we had back in California so we surprised her at Christmas with a pet Hamster. We tried to be really sneaky about it and had it's cage hidden in our room but she heard the little guy spinning on it's wheel and was on to us right away hahaha. Can't get anything by her. Not quite the same as having a goat, horse and chickens but as an animal lover at heart we knew it would bless her and she loves having an extra furry friend around.

It has really been an amazing year with many answered prayers and much blessing. We are entering 2017 feeling really loved and really grateful for all that God has done and continues to do for us.
Happy New Year!!