Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta

First let me say we had the most amazing day today of fall weather...yes it will be back up to 99 degrees by the end of the week but it was wonderful feeling the cold air and rain. Even the animals loved it. We just went through the hottest September I can remember and we really needed a break in the heat.

This past week has been the week of fiber arts. I finally decided to get busy with my alpaca fiber. I joined a local spinning class to learn how to spin. I cleaned and carded some of my alpaca and it just so happened that this weekend was the Fiber Art Fiesta up in Vista California.

The Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta is my favorite festival. There is a huge barn filled with looms and spinning wheels. All sorts of different vendors selling yarn and fleece and rovings and anything fiber art you could imagine. They also sell some really awful chili that I eat every year and say why did I just eat that??

This year I purchased some sheep's wool to mix with my alpaca and some other rovings of bright colored wool to practice my spinning with. Anna bought her first large loom. She found a wonderful antique tapestry loom for a great price. I can't wait to see what she makes on it.

Here are some snap shots of our week filled with fiber...

and a nice nourishing bowl of hearty soup to sooth the tummy after weekend chili mistakes. 

~George Elliot