Hello, this is where you will find all the highlights from Mrs.Watts Fine Art class at UCHE Homeschool Academy.   

Fall Semester 2015
This year we will be using watercolors, acrylics, ink, pastels and mixed media. We will also get to know some of the worlds most famous Artists.

Art Elements The Color Wheel 

Watercolor Birch Trees 

Watercolor Fruit 

Watercolor Frog Print 

Georgia O'Keefe flower watercolor 

Fall Leaves Print Acrylic Paint 

 Drawing with pencil and colored pencils

Pop Art Soup Cans pencil, ink, marker

Sea Turtles watercolor on watercolor paper with crayon outline

Birch Trees acrylic painted on canvas

Bird Masks paper sculpture, paper, glue, markers  

Continuous line drawing Owls, sharpie and markers