Monday, August 22, 2016

Hit the ground running...

I feel like I woke up in 2016 jumped out of bed ...and literally hit the ground running. The year has just flown by. I started off needing major surgery so I took some time off to just recover and be. 

Over the last year our family has really embraced life in England. We are all enjoying our time here. So much so we decided to sell our house in California and just wing-it for awhile. Well I say that jokingly of course we all know there is no winging it as Christians obviously God has a plans for us. But we are doing our part to make sure there is nothing that we are doing to hinder or stand in the way of where God wants us to be.

The kids are all doing great. The boys now both graduated from home-school are coming and going back and forth to college and university. Anna my last homeschooling child is getting ready to start 10th grade. And to think just a few years ago I said I would never home-school during the teenage years especially through high-school. It just seemed like to overwhelming of a task and responsibility. But God is really amazing this is where we see Him most in those areas where we are weak. So here we are getting ready to start yet another year of homeschooling. 

I think it would literally take me forever to catch this blog up on all the adventures our family has been on thus far so I think we will just leave at... its been good, and carry on.