Monday, February 1, 2016

Across the pond...

Well this post has been a long time coming. With the holidays, moving to a new country, not having internet, jet-lag and all the sorts of life things like that my blogging fell to the bottom of the barrel. But I am happy to report we are getting all sorted out and settled in. 

First let me comment on the move itself. This was by far one of the hardest moves we ever had to make. We really are still adjusting to all the changes that took place. This move caught us by surprise I don't think we had realised how rooted we had become in San Diego. This move included a lifestyle change, leaving friends and our church behind, being separated from our son in college, and getting used to a foreign country. 

We first thought this move would be easier if we kept our house in California and just moved with our clothes and some of our belongings. But that didn't quite work out how we expected. Not having our stuff with us was difficult for many reasons none of them having to do with being materialistic. But more along the lines of needing regular household items and just not having them. Say like a coffee maker which we still haven't bought yet. And then of course for Anna and I we did not think to much about our hobbies and so having left a lot of our craft stuff behind we have really been trying to improvise. Oh and did I mention I don't have a car here. 

So yeah there have been some pretty big changes it has been a little bumpy of a start. And we are slowly warming up to living over here. Although warming up being a figure of speak because really it's quite cold and rainy all the time. 

We had such a fabulous time in Scotland over New Years at Hogmanay and I will post some pictures of that in a later post. That was a bucket list item every one should have. 
For now I will give you a few snap shots of what we have been up to.
Smoothies, french braids, knitting, walking the countryside, homeschooling, tea & biscuits, and British T.V.  And we found a new church to call home. That sums up this year so far. 

I am doing a bible study right now called Resolution For Women by Priscilla Shirer and one of the first resolutions goes like this....

I do solemnly resolve to embrace my current season of life and will maximise my time in it. I will resist the urge to hurry through or circumvent any portion of my journey but will live with a spirit of containment. 

So let me be transparent for a moment that's where I am at.
 Humbly trying to embrace this new season. Not trying to rush through it and not trying to hide from it either. Embracing where it brings me and enjoying where I am at. 

Happy New Year!! 


  1. So great to see a post from you! Glad to see things are going well, it must be so exciting and what a wonderful opportunity to live overseas! Thinking of you all and keeping you in prayer! Love the picture of you and Anna!


    1. I know right ..long over due I think my blog had dust on it hahaha Great to see your family doing well looks like homeschooling is fun over at your place!! ~Thanks for the prayer!! Could you please send me your address I don't know how I did this but I forgot to pack my address book Anna and I would like to send some letters. :)

  2. You are ministering to me in a mighty way and I want you to know it. I am right behind you. Praying for you in this season for peace and comfort as you leave behind your boy. That is so very hard.
    Thank you for sharing your journey and struggles but most of all your faith. Hugs to you ~ my friend. I think of you often as I look at your sweet bookmark you made me.

    1. I will be praying for you as well. Thank you for sharing also ~Sista's in Christ!! ~Heather

  3. So nice to hear your news and get caught up with you. I am picturing all that you are saying, even the cold, rain, and no coffee maker (ahhh...)... All the details of our lives that help bring a sense of "normal" and "comfort" can really be missed in new situations like yours. Your pictures are lovely (I especially love the one of you and Anna). Love the little Chihuahua... is he one of yours? How about the others, did they come along on this journey? May the Lord bless you as you transition. I look forward to reading the next post, and seeing the pictures.

    1. Hi Pam yes the Chihuahua is ours we adopted him just before we moved. It is really complicated and expensive moving dogs but we are working on getting them here slowly but surely (lots of paper work, vetting and fees involved) the poodle is on her way next...our boxer though is not coming he went to live with Grandpa (my Dad). You have to be very careful with the squished nose dogs they don't fly well. But Grandpa lives by himself so him and Buddy are going to be great company for each other. We found a ground transport company to drive Buddy the boxer instead of flying and he is on his way right now from California to New York. Quite the adventure for him. Thanks for the blessing ~Heather